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Nice to Meet You

I'm Rosie.

I created the Dollhouse Directory from underneath a towering pile of sticky notes, scribbled web-addresses, and overflowing web bookmarks. In other words, I was gleefully buried underneath a mountain of miniature retailers, websites, how-to sites, and more in my search for supplies and accessories for my dollhouse projects.

As fun as that was, it didn't help me actually FINISH any projects that I had started. My mini builds were left, sadly, in the corner, gathering dust as I hunted for the perfect carpet...the best siding...the "just right" bedroom set kit.

There had to be a better way. And so the Dollhouse Directory, and it's sister site, Free Dollhouse, were born.

At the Dollhouse Directory, you'll find an ever evolving and growing list of visual links that will help you find exactly what you're looking for. We partner with our listed sites to gain permission to show you photos of their products, so that you know exactly what sorts of products they have. And then we supply you with the direct link to that exact product family.... no more hunting and pecking around to find what you are looking for. We do that for you!

The same is true for our sister site - Free Dollhouse At you'll find the same targeted organization, but this time, for free dollhouse projects and tutorials. You're looking to build a bed? No problem - we have a category for that....and links directly to the best tutorials that we can find. Curtains? Same. 


I hope you enjoy The Dollhouse Directory, and that you come back often. We are ALWAYS adding new links, finding new shops, both big and small, that we can point you to.

Want to help? We are 100% volunteer run, and are working to provide this site ad-free. You can support us by donating to The Dollhouse Directory. All donations go to support the web platform and work required to create and maintain this resource for the miniature community. We truly appreciate your support.

Thank you for your support - happy shopping!