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Brontë Parsonage Dollshouse

by Julie Rose


If you are a literary lover (as we are), you must follow Julie's Instagram journey as she recreates the Bronte Parsonage. We asked Julie to tell us about what inspired her to create this masterpiece.... here is her story.

"I have always had a great interest and fascination in the Brontë family and regularly visit the Parsonage Museum in Haworth. When I saw the Brontë Dollshouse for sale online I just knew I had to have it to add to my Brontë collection, despite having no previous interest in dollshouses. It is now my aim to try and replicate the rooms and atmosphere of the Parsonage in my own creative way with an added literary twist.


The house was empty when I bought it so I have had a blank canvas to work on. Some items I have purchased but many, such as the half-tester bed and cabinet piano are not available, so I have created my own. The Parsonage is very much a work in progress, and slight obsession, but I am enjoying sharing my work with others and have had positive feedback."